In order to minimise the impact of imported fuel on the national economy, it is necessary to take advantage of the potential of exporting coal from Thar, and by using the environment-friendly methods to generate electricity from coal at the local level.

Thar coal a great source to overcome energy crisis: experts

These views were expressed by environmentalists and experts in the field of engineering during a seminar jointly organised by Citizens for Environment under the Institute of Engineers Pakistan. The seminar reviewed the prospects and challenges of coal-powered generation as well as the impact on the environment. Experts say, if coal is used efficiently and safely as a fuel, the environmental impact can be limited.

Pakistan can use Thar coal for other sectors including energy, petrochemicals, liquid fuel production which will help in stabilising the country economically. Highlighting the coal reserves in Thar and their economic usefulness, the experts participating in the seminar said that the government has earmarked 12 blocks of 100sq. km. area so that investors can invest in these blocks and utilise the coal reserves. The volume of underground coal reserves in Thar is estimated at 185 billion tonnes, valued at $25,000 billion.

This precious treasure could play an important role in resolving the serious energy crisis the country is currently facing. Addressing the seminar, Zeeshan Liaquat, Head of Pakistan International Bulk Terminal, Commercial, said that PIBT is the only terminal built to handle specific cargo with all the latest technology and equipment required for handling coal in accordance with international standards

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