Dawlance is the technology-leading enterprise in Pakistan’s home-appliances industry, which recently hosted a vibrant ceremony to celebrate the successful completion of its 10,000 Tree-Plantation project. Dawlance has the vision to ensure the well-being of humanity and environmental sustainability, whereby the company has collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the University of Karachi (KU), for large-scale tree plantations in Pakistan, while also nurturing the vast mangrove forests along the coastal regions.

Dawlance completes 10,000 tree plantation as a sustainability project

The Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance – Umar Ahsan Khan, unveiled a monument, built at the KU, for commemorating this plantation drive. He stated that: “Being a responsible corporate citizen – Dawlance remains committed to make resourceful contributions, for ensuring socio-economic development for the wellbeing of the community and preservation of nature, in sync with the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. This collaboration is a part of the “Dawlance for Humanity” initiative, which is enabling a better quality-of-life, education and healthcare for the nation.”

Chief Marketing Officer of Dawlance – Syed Hasan Jameel said: “For this plantation-initiative, we engaged the Dawlance project and the students of Karachi University and the WWF teams, along with a large number of volunteering citizens. All these participants were also trained through Green-Workshops, to create public awareness about; the importance of vegetation and forests for maintaining the ecological balance of nature. Dr.Tahir Rasheed – the Regional Head of WWF in (Sindh &Balochistan) said that: Trees have a long-term positive-impact on the environment and the society while promising the prevention of global-warming & climate-change, to ensure a safe and healthy future for our coming generations. It is heartening to see the Karachi University students gaining awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability”.

The parent-company of Dawlance Arcelik is the second-largest manufacturer in Europe, offering a wide-range of globally leading products and technologies that meets and inspires European standards for sustainability, by promising more than 50% energy-conservation for a healthier, greener Pakistan. Over the years, Dawlance has invested over 35 billion dollars to setup 3 large-scale factories in Pakistan and its nationwide network of 1800+ dealers for sales & service. Some of the other distinguished guests representing the KU at the Dawlance plantation ceremony included: Professor Dr. NasiraKhatoon – Acting Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. AnjumPerveen – Director of the Centre for Plant Conservation (Botanical Garden & Herbarium) and Dr. Saboohi Raza – Chairperson, Department of Agriculture & Agribusiness Management.

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