Director Tobacco Control, Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination (MoNHSRC), Dr Samra Mazhar has said that tobacco kills 438 Pakistanis every day whereas around 5,000 Pakistanis were being admitted to hospitals every day because of tobacco use and it was a matter of grave concerns that 1200 Pakistani children between the ages of 6 and 15 years also begin smoking every day which was very alarming and requires collective efforts along with intense awareness campaigns at all levels.

Tobacco kills 438 Pakistanis every day

While delivering a presentation during her visit to Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Dr Samra added that the Ministry of Health has taken numerous initiatives, particularly the smoke-free cities initiative, which have yielded positive results and if current trends continue, the voluntary target of 30 percent reduction was likely to be achieved by Pakistan in 2025.

Appreciating the support and cooperation extended by KCCI, Dr Samra informed that Tobacco kills 438 Pakistanis Karachi Chamber, after collaborating with Ministry of Health and supporting tobacco smoking free cities project, has become 538th tobacco free facility. She further advised KCCI to sign an MoU with Ministry of Health so that KCCI’s most effective platform could be utilized for raising awareness and promoting other initiatives with a view to create a smoking-free society.

Highlighting some of the achievements, she particularly mentioned that a tobacco control desk has been established at Commissioner Karachi Office and a notification about the establishment of Karachi Implementation and Monitoring Committee (KIMC) under the Chairmanship of Commissioner Karachi has also been issued.

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