Pakistan has reported no death in the last 24 hours by novel coronavirus as the number of positive cases has risen to 1,531,271. The nationwide tally of fatalities stands at 30,381 on Monday.

Pakistan reported 94 new COVID-19 cases

According to the latest figures by the National Institute of Health (NIH), at least 94 persons were tested positive for COVID-19 across the country in the past 24 hours.

Pakistan has conducted 11,934 tests in the past 24 hours out of which 94 persons were tested positive for the disease. The COVID Positivity Ratio was recorded at 0.79 percent.

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve learned a lot about resilience: what makes us stronger, safer and more adaptable –– and what doesn’t. Now, we need to focus on rebuilding our social, political and economic systems in ways that empower and protect us all. The choices we make today –– how we choose to allocate our resources and who we choose to lead us forward –– will have long-term implications not just for women, girls and other vulnerable populations, but for our overall health and survival as a species.

From disproportionate job losses to heightened gender-based violence, women and girls are experiencing specific health, economic and social impacts that need to be addressed through targeted policy interventions. But analysis shows that many COVID response plans have failed to meet this need: only about 40 percent of national-level policy measures are designed to respond to gender-specific risks and challenges.

Without comprehensive action to reduce the pandemic’s gendered impacts,reported COVID could catalyze a significant reversal in hard-won progress on women’s rights. Rethinking the ways in which we protect and care for women and other vulnerable populations will be crucial to building global resilience –– and preventing a repeat of 2020. 

Source: The Nation