As many as 507,702 people had been inoculated with the booster dose shot against the lethal coronavirus (COVID-19) across the district since the booster vaccination administering drive launched on December 2021.

507,702 People Immunized Booster Dose Against Corona

Giving details of the age-wise vaccination, District Surveillance Officer Dr Waqar Ahmed informed APP that around 4,191 residents from age newborn to 17 years got the free-of-cost Covid booster shot. He added that 291,498 people received the jab between the age of 18 to 39 years,95,302 from age 40 to 49, while the number of vaccinated people between the age of 50 to 59 was 62,331. Similarly, the health officer said that 19,692 people between the age of 60 to 64 had been vaccinated with the booster shot, while the number was 34,191 over 65 years.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Rawalpindi Noor Ul Amin Mengal had stressed the residents jab themselves with the Covid-19 booster shot to strengthen the body’s immune defences. If “we want to rout the corona, we must get vaccinated with a booster shot”, he added. The Commissioner added that a booster dose recharged the body’s immunity and provided prevention from the disease and hospitalization. Mengal said, “your protection is in your hands, get the booster dose now”./395

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