A new leak claims that a new iPad Pro will be here in less than a year and will have the biggest-ever screen on an Apple tablet.

A new leak claims that a new iPad Pro will be here in less than a year and will have the biggest-ever screen on an Apple tablet.

When Apple released the first iPad Pro, with its 12.9-inch display, in late 2015, it seemed impossibly big. A bigger screen than the 12-inch MacBook, for goodness sake. Here’s what we think is coming.

Size is everything

According to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), in a new leak tweet, Apple is working on an iPad Pro with a 14.1-inch display. Young believes it could be here as soon as early 2023. Young says, “Confirmed the 14.1″ iPad Pro is being developed with our supply chain sources.”

Won’t it be too big to handle?

Well, it’s a good question. When Apple replaced the first iPad Pro with the current, flat-edged design, the 12.9-inch Pro shrank, thanks to the thinner bezels and the absence of a Touch ID button on the front.

But there’s a limit to how thin those bezels can get and still house the Face ID camera that sits on the front of the tablet. Adding an extra 1.2 inches to the display size would be hard to squeeze into something the same size as now, so expect this iPad to be really big.

What will the display look like?

It seems, according to Young, that it will be the same screen tech as the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro. He says, “It will have MiniLEDs and ProMotion.” That means it will have the same super-bright and colorful display as now, with the dynamic refresh rate that makes for a super-smooth experience.

When can we expect it?

Young says, “Not sure of the timing, but early 2023 may be more likely.” That’s interesting. There had been rumors of a new iPad Pro this fall, as the last one emerged in May 2021 and Apple often favors 18-month refreshes on its iPads Pro. However, for sure, if an iPad Pro lands this year, there definitely won’t be one in early 2023, or any time next year, I’d say.

Unless, that is, it’s an addition to the range, not a replacement for an existing model. Which seems to be what Ross is predicting.

What’s the rest of the range going to be?

Young says that eventually the range will be “11-inch OLED, 12.9-inch OLED and 14.1-inch miniLED.” That seems like quite a big range to me, and I’d have thought sticking with just two might be ample. Especially if Apple decided that the 11-inch tablet would be an iPad Air. After all, the current 10.9-inch iPad Air might be deemed to be the most useful tablet at that size, and save the Pro for the larger screens.

This is an intriguing prospect, especially if, as Young thinks, we could see the big tablet in less than a year.

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