Chief Secretary Sindh Dr Muhammad Sohail Rajput said that keeping in view the water scarcity in the country, modern technology can be used to increased the agricultural production. He said this while addressing a ceremony organized by Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) in Karachi.

Water scarcity become a serious problem in city

The ceremony was attended by representatives of Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan and Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Speaking on the occasion, the representatives of REAP said that there has been a dispute between Pakistan and India over the Geographical Indicator (GI) tag of Basmati rice and the Sindh government has strengthened Pakistan’s case by providing timely data on Basmati rice production. They further said that housing societies are being established on agricultural lands in many areas of Sindh province which may lead to food shortage in future.

Addressing the ceremony, Chief Secretary Sindh Dr Muhammad Sohail Rajput said that India had tried to harm Pakistan’s rice exports to the European Union but Pakistan had fought well for the GI tag. He further stated The economic situation of the country is very critical at the moment. “The difference between our exports and imports is huge”. Said CS Sindh. He further added that the country is facing a trade deficit of 15 billion dollars. He further stated that IT export in the country was only 27 million dollars which needed to be increased.

Dr Muhammad Sohail Rajput further said that information technology is a sector in which we can train the youth in a short period of time and fit them for employment and businesses. He further stated that other countries had boosted the agricultural sector by using technology but we are lagging behind in this sector. He further said that for export of rice, attention has to be paid to the African continent and exporters must find new markets to increase exports.

He further said that water scarcity in Karachi has become a serious problem, we have to use sea water as an alternative. Dr Muhammad Sohail Rajput further said that we as a nation must also change the way we use water and energy. The federal government has decided to work five days a week due to the energy crisis. The Sindh government has also abolished the 40% petrol quota of officers and members of cabinet. At the end of the ceremony, Chief Secretary Sindh Dr Muhammad Sohail Rajput sought suggestions from the Rice exporters Association of Pakistan to increase rice production and exports in the province.

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