The National Institute of Health (NIH) on Monday established a system for issuing Polio and Yellow Fever vaccine certificates to facilitate international travelers.

NIH starts issuing vaccine certificates of Polio, Yellow Fever

According to NIH spokesperson, the ministry of National Services and NIH in collaboration with NADRA has started issuing vaccine certificates certificate for Polio and Yellow Fever. The institute has launched vaccination certificate system through NIMS (NADRA) for Polio and Yellow Fever vaccination to meet the international requirements.

Polio and Yellow fever vaccination was required for the international travelers for some of the countries, he added. The NIMS is presently supporting COVID-19 vaccination certification. All certificates can be processed individually as per personal requirements, he added. Similar to the COVID-19 vaccination, the data of Yellow Fever and Polio vaccination will be entered at the respective vaccine centers directly into the NIMS portal.

The certificates can be downloaded from NIMS website separately after paying fee of Rs 100 and the fee of the certificate will be charged only once. The detailed information about process to obtain and download certificate was available at NIMS website,

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