The Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) contributions to creating awareness about saving environments and our pristine ecosystems are exemplary.

PAS Awareness Campaigns in Restoration and Preservation of Pristine Environments are Exemplary – Prof. Mukhtar

This was stated by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, Vice Chancellor of the National Skills University Islamabad and Vice Chairman of National Technology Council Pakistan. He chaired the inaugural session of the MAAP-PAS-ANSO Hybrid Workshop on “Ecosystem Restoration: One Health & Pandemic. This conference was organized to commemorate World Environment Day 2022, and people from twelve countries participated through Zoom.

In his inaugural address, Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Khan, President of the PAS, stressed holding such joint sessions. Notably, in discussing the COVID-9 pandemic, he said the world must work jointly to save the environment and protect people’s health PAS awareness . Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari briefed the participant on the idea that “No one is safe until everyone is safe.” Rutgers University USA Professor Nancy Connell outlined the unique idea of artificial intelligence to save lives on the Earth and take actions based on data gathered through artificial and human intelligence. Dr. David Franz, a biosecurity/biosafety expert from the USA, put forward the idea of universal health insurance for everyone living on this Earth. Dr. Tim Trevan, Co Founder of Chrome Biorisk Management Consulting from Maryland, USA; Dr. Muhammad Ali from Quaid e Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan; Prof. Dr. Li Cui from Institute of Urban Environments; Dr. Shahbaz Khan from UNESCO Beijing; discussed the current COVID-19 pandemic, viral diseases transmission from other animals to humans. They also described measures to stay safe from these emerging viral infections. Others who presented their work include Dr. Qadeer Ahsan, the Executive Director of Fleming Fund, and Dr. Quaid Saeed, Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority CEO. Dr. Niryoshi Shinomiya, President, National Defense Medical College, Japan, talked about the “Advances in the life sciences and the risk of pandemics.” He also expressed his fear that the eradicated viruses such as the smallpox virus can remerge, particularly in the realm of monkeypox spread to non-endemic areas. 

After a brief discussion by the moderator of the concluding session, Prof. Dr. Shaukat Hameed thanked PAS for this timely conference. Prof. Dr. Tasawar Hayat (Secretary-General of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences appreciated and acknowledged the speakers, moderators, organizers, and workshop participants. He expressed his gratitude to worthy Chief guest H.E Ryuji Iwasaki for sparing time to grace this Workshop. He acknowledged all the poster presenters and specially thanked ANSO for financial support.

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