WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps out there. Billions of users around the world depend on the platform to reach their loved ones and for business reasons. WhatsApp Desktop Beta introduces a new filter for unread chats.

WhatsApp Desktop Beta introduces a filter for unread chats

The app is slowly becoming a more versatile service that caters to various needs and use cases. It’s no longer an app you just use with friends and family. It’s evolving into the default tool to contact anyone regardless of the context and the life expectancy of the connection. Despite the great Meta owning WhatsApp, though, it still takes the app ages to gain new features. And that’s surprising considering that apps unread chats with lower budgets, like Telegram, release packed updates more frequently. It feels like the parent company simply doesn’t care about the IM app’s development. Only last month it started supporting message reactions. And until now, there was no way to filter out the chats we’ve already read.

The company is currently rolling out the new unread chat filter to WhatsApp Desktop Beta users on version 2.2221.1. It’s unclear if it’s a gradual rollout that affects a certain percentage of users or if it’s a full one. The new filter button appears next to the search bar — as pictured in the screenshot above. When you click it, WhatsApp hides all of your read chats and leaves the ones you haven’t viewed yet. There’s also a button to clear the filter and restore the original view when there are no unread chats left.

This change is a very welcome one for those who receive a lot of messages on WhatsApp unread chats . Through this button, we can notice and focus on the unread chats that have been buried at the bottom of the list. Though, we still hope that the company introduces more variations of this filter with conditions that aren’t just about the read/unread status of a certain conversation.

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