Livestock experts have urged the cattle farmers to take precautionary measures to protect the cattle from the scorching heat, and they should not be deprived of water in hot weather.

Livestock experts urge cattle farmers to protect animals from heat

Director Barani Livestock experts , Research Institute Dr Muhammad Aslam, said that special care was required during the ongoing heat wave in feeding the cattle as animals were also affected by extreme heat like human beings.He advised the farmers to keep their cattle in shady places and bathe them twice in the morning and evening.

Dr Aslam informed that lactating animals required special care during summer, adding the cattle area should be well ventilated; otherwise, the cattle could be affected. animals in high temperatures requires good forward planning. Keeping an eye on the weather forecasts, and developing a plan for days of high to extreme temperature is essential in ensuring that your animals will have sufficient shade and water on those very hot days. Extreme heat causes significant stress for all animals. There are a few simple guidelines you can follow to reduce the impacts of high temperatures on animals.

It is the responsibility of owners or people in charge of animals to be well prepared for heat events to ensure the welfare of their animals is catered for. This includes forward planning of farm infrastructure to provide shaded areas with good ventilation to maximise heat loss. Animals need to be checked regularly throughout the day for signs of heat stress, along with water points to ensure animals have access to ample cool water.

The Director said that green fodder was not available in the Potohar region during this season, so cattle breeders should use silage and salt pans in animal fertiliser to compensate for the lack of salinity. In case of illness, the nearest veterinary hospital should be consulted, or the Livestock Department should call the Punjab helpline 9211 for guidance

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