Anmol Network, creator of a multichain portal into the Web3 space focused on ease of use, and accessibility, has announced today that it has closed $1 Million in seed round funding led by AU21 Capital.

Anmol Network, creator of a multichain portal into the Web3 space focused on ease of use, and accessibility, has announced today that it has closed $1 Million in seed round funding led by AU21 Capital, with strategic investment from MEXC Global Exchange, YBB Foundation, Lotus Capital, Danish Chaudhry, HG Ventures, and Rob Hanneman. The round was oversubscribed.

Closing a seed round while securing partnerships with industry leaders such as Polygon, Darwinia, Crust Network, and Cere Network, combined with the breadth and profile of investors, demonstrates the widespread support for Anmol’s new, novel approach to migrating Web2 functionalities to Web3 with aims for onboarding the next billion users of Blockchain technology.

“The support of our partners, the breadth of investors, and the oversubscription of the round demonstrate to us that industry experts and thought leaders support our new, breakthrough approach for providing tools and resources for those engaging in web2 functionalities such as digital arts and entertainment, gaming, ticketing, transaction processing, logistics, eCommerce, and social networking to seamlessly migrate to Web3,” said Furqan Ahmed, Founder, and CVO of Anmol Network. “Thanks to our forward-looking investors, Anmol can accelerate our mission to empower everyday internet users, small or large businesses, developers, or current users in the blockchain space to participate or further engage with Web3 technologies with nominal overhead development or onboarding costs. Whether a user wants a new audited token with customized vesting, a DAO, a generative art NFT project of thousands, or even millions of NFTS, this can happen in minutes using Anmol’s tools and DApps”.

How Anmol Network Works

We see Anmol as the missing piece in this industry. The Web3 market is disjointed, off-putting to newcomers, and deeply inaccessible. Anmol is working to fix this by crafting an interoperable and beginner-friendly infrastructure for onboarding and transitioning organizations into Web3 technologies; imagine Canva or WordPress, but for Web3, this is what we are offering. We believe this is necessary for widespread adoption and overall maturity, as an industry cannot grow and become stable without a global network of varied and avid users.

The Web3 space is growing at a faster annual rate than the internet initially had. With all of this potential, we must provide tools and resources to foster the mass adoption of Web3 technologies.

Anmol aims not only to bring growth to our ecosystem but for the blockchain and Web3 industries as a whole. We are building simple yet multi-faceted tools designed for blockchain beginners or existing Web2 developers and businesses looking to give Web3 a try; we are facilitating the new generation of online activity.

By creating easy-to-use tools, a multi-chain network, and educational content, we will be expanding the world of Web3 by creating a pathway for users and businesses to transition to newer technologies and away from Web2.

As we will deploy our tools not only on our blockchain but, on multiple blockchains such as Polygon, Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and more, at the protocol level, we stand to benefit other chains through driving adoption and ease of use across a full spectrum of blockchain projects, and integrations with external brands.

Anmol also offers tools and resources to further empower users actively involved in Web3. Whether a user wants a new audited token with customized vesting, a DAO, NFT Tickets, Custom Metaverse wearables, or even a generative art or 3D NFT project of thousands or even millions of NFTS, this and so much more can happen in a matter of minutes using Anmol’s tools and DApps.

What Problem is Anmol Network Solving and Why is it important

Anmol Network is driven by two core values: bringing Web3 to the masses and reducing the complexity of the market. These two areas commonly hold back the new wave of the internet, as businesses often feel too daunted to build their infrastructure on this technology. Anmol strives to fix that by providing tools that make Web3 easy to access, easy to use, and (above all) easy to understand without extensive development time or overhead expenses.

“If Web3 is to become the norm, then it needs to become a welcome and approachable space. This is why we are working hard to ensure our toolkit and blockchain is functional and simple for all users, regardless of plans, financial power, or technical background” – Furqan Ahmed, Founder and CVO of Anmol Network.

Web3: The Future of The Internet

The world is swiftly adopting Web3 and blockchain technology. The early adopters of these concepts are essentially pioneers of uncharted territories. We are in an exploratory era of internet activity, and our actions and innovations will determine whether we have a complete transition from Web2 to Web3, whether we will exist in a hybrid model, or if Web3 will ever experience mass user adoption at all due to cost limitations creating barriers to accessibility. Not to mention issues regarding the scarcity of development resources creating an inability to migrate existing Web2 services and functionalities to Web3 on a large scale.

Not only is the battle for Web3 a technological one, but it is also a social one. While, on one hand, there are looming questions regarding the practical and computational requirements for it, on the other hand, there are conceptual questions to answer. For instance, Web3 is all about radical connectivity without the need for intermediaries and instilling every user with a greater sense of autonomy, but ensuring this is not always easy. Projects like Anmol Network take the reigns of a long-term goal with the aim of mapping out some pragmatic solution.

No other project is as focused on providing functional and cutting-edge universal Web3 tools as Anmol Network, making an all-encompassing solution bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. Anmol is perfect for any person or business who wants to engage in Web3 but has no idea where to start, feels that it is too expensive or complicated, and is worried about being left behind. Anmol Network is a project that ensures any user can begin their journey into the Web3 space as effortlessly as possible.

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