Anti-Narcotics Society of the Government College University, (GCU) Lahore organised a seminar “Commit to quit” to deliberate on strategies for combating drug use in educational institutions.

Seminar held on combating drug use in varsities

Major General Ghulam Shabbir Narejo, Director-General of Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan, and GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi addressed the seminar which was marked by musical and theatrical performances and speeches by the university’s students.

In his address, Major Gen Shabbir Narejo said that about 84pc of the world’s heroin (almost 6,800 metric tons) was produced in the neighbouring Afghanistan, and transported to the entire world through three routes i.e. Central Asian states, Iran and Pakistan. “Out of this huge quantity, only one metric ton is more than enough to destroy the entire youth of the Lahore. So this huge volume of narcotics being transmitted through Pakistan makes up our society extremely vulnerable to spread of narcotics and makes our job extremely difficult,” the ANF DG said. Shabbir Narejo announced cash award for different societies of GCU involved in raising awareness about drug abuse.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Zaidi said narcotics were being used as a weapon against youth in the modern hybrid warfare, and it was the individual responsibility of each one of us to fight this war and protect ourselves from illegal drugs.

Force Commander Anti-Narcotics Force Regional Directorate Punjab Brig Rashid Minhas said GCU Anti-Narcotics Society was a role model for other universities. The seminar concluded with an awareness walk.

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