Sniper Elite 5 players can find details on Marcel, his key, and how to use it to recover the Resistance Intel in this short guide.

Sniper Elite 5 How to Find Marcel and Recover Resistance Intel

As players work through the Atlantic Wall mission in Sniper Elite 5, they will encounter a Resistance safe house in the southwest corner of the map. Upon arriving at this tall yellow building, fans must set their sights on finding Marcel and using his key to recover a piece of Resistance Intel. This guide is here to walk players through this process and help them advance through Sniper Elite 5’s first mission.

To note, some players are reportedly encountering a variety of bugs as they attempt to address the objectives that center around Marcel and his key. More specifically, some sniper video game fans are finding that they are unable to reach the NPC’s location, while others are having trouble using the key as intended. Players that experience these issues as they follow the instructions that are provided below are advised to reload autosaves that were made before reaching the safe house and then try again.

Upon arriving at the Resistance safe house, players should position themselves just outside its front entrance. From this location, fans will see that there are vines that lead from the left side of the entry door to an open window with a candle on the third floor, and they should climb those vines and pass through that window. Sniper Elite 5 players will now find themselves in a room with flags and writing on the wall, and Marcel’s corpse is situated on the ground near a table.

After locating Marcel, fans should search his corpse to obtain Marcel’s key and then pass through the nearby doorway to reach a small room with some boards on the ground. These boards can be dismantled, and players can drop through the hole that they were covering to enter a bathroom once the slats have been removed. From here, stealth game fans should exit the bathroom, enter the first door on their left, and use Marcel’s key to open the safe on the floor near the bed and recover the Resistance Intel.

With the Resistance Intel in hand, players can exfiltrate and proceed to the game’s next mission, Occupied Residence. Alternatively, fans can work on this mission’s optional objectives, which center around neutralizing coastal defenses, destroying a gun battery, and demolishing anti-air guns. There is also a Sniper Elite 5 kill challenge in the Atlantic Wall, giving players the opportunity to spend even more time in this first mission.

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