The Senate on Monday passed ‘The International Institute of Science, Arts and Technology Bill, 2022’, moved by Senator Irfan Ul Haq Siddiqui.

The Senate on Monday passed ‘The International Institute of Science, Arts and Technology Bill, 2022’, moved by Senator Irfan Ul Haq Siddiqui.

While sharing details about the bill, Senator Siddiqui informed the house that the bill aimed at establishing an institute of science, arts and technology on a par with international standards in the country.

He said that the purpose and objectives of the establishment of the institute were to disseminate knowledge and extend research in the fields of science, arts, and technology.

With the establishment of this institute, public and private partnership will be strengthened to improve the quality of human resource for the concerned industries besides promoting research and development while considering the best international practices in the fields of science, arts and technology, he added.

He said that this institute will be established in the industrial hub of Gujranwala for enhancing educational and research activities in the area that would eventually help advance the production practices in the relevant industries.

The institute will be opened to every citizen of the country without any discrimination of gender, religion, race, creed, class, colour or domicile upon qualifying for the admissions as set forth in the rules and regulations, the criteria and the policy to be formulated and maintained by the body.

He thanked the house for passing this bill and expressed the hope that this institute of international standard would maintain its quality by making all hiring decisions based on strict merit principles to have extraordinary faculty and administrative staff on board.

He said that the institute will promote the extra-curricular and recreational activities to maintain physical as well as mental health and welfare of the students. The institute will also provide facilities for publication of research and other works, the senator added.

While supporting the bill, Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Rana Tanveer Hussain said, “Everyone knows the level of the quality of education delivered to the students during the last three and half years of past government.” He said that it was a good sign that private sector was taking responsibility to improve the standard of professional education and training by supporting the establishment of such institutes. He assured the house that quality of education will be ensured through the establishment of similar institutes through public and private joint ventures.

He said that during the tenure of past government, the precious time of the parliament was wasted as no one was interested in legislation business and many bills were passed without discussing them in the parliament. “The present government is committed to ensure the supremacy of the constitution and democratic institutions of the country.”

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