As a lapse of trust emerges among the pakistani gaming community, that’s all everyone can talk about. Some three gaming shops allegedly swindled hundreds of thousands from the Pakistani gaming community.

So the gamer community is speaking out about this right now. Word is that these gaming equipment and computer accessory delivery services apparently ran away with an estimated 145 crores PKR. Though some gamers are alleging the fraud is for an amount worth more. These companies built trust over a few years and now ran away with the pre-order money. The companies in question are Ziptech, Absolute Tech, and The Zipetch website has even been flagged.

How did they build trust? They actually delivered the product promised for years. Famed Pakistani influencers like Junaid Akram also endorsed them. Currently, all Pakistani influencers who endorsed these companies have now removed their posts.Basically, they delayed delivery for a long time citing shipping problems. Once sufficient funds had accumulated the owners of these companies allegedly fled with the money. Some of these companies delivered very expensive computer accessories required for gaming such as graphics processing units (GPUs). Meanwhile, Ziptech even delivered the gaming console PS5.

According to all the information being passed around by the Pakistani gaming community in groups such as ‘Pakistani PC Gamers (PPG)‘ and ‘Computer Crew Pakistan‘ a lawsuit has even been filed against Ziptech. Though some gamers are still silent hoping these companies will redeem themselves.

As the Pakistani gaming community cries foul, even a Facebook group for affectees emerged. Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of Ziptech, Muhammad Hassan AKA Major Zippy (as he is known in the gaming community) also released a statement negating the ‘rumors’.Meanwhile, the wife of Ziptech CEO Qunoot Lakhani, a social media influencer, released a statement announcing her dissociation from her husband and his company. Naturally, Netizens didn’t buy and slammed her.This led to her removing the video, yet as the backlash continued, her page is no longer available on Facebook. However, screenshots are forever.

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