The livestock department was continuing with its awareness campaign to sensitize farmers on how to keep their cattle heads safe from Lumpy Skin disease in South Punjab.

Deputy director livestock Dr. Jamshed Akhtar said that livestock teams were moving from village to village as per orders of Director General Livestock South Punjab Dr. Mansoor Malik to convey to farmers the importance of keeping their cattle pens clean to provide a healthy atmosphere to animals.

During an on-farm briefing to cattle rearers at Jalalpur Pirwala, he said that the disease is caused by flies, mosquitoes, and ticks and advised farmers to apply the spray to kill them.

The Chief Secretary directed all the deputy commissioners to get cases registered against the persons involved in wall-chalking, besides continuing the measures for prevention of smuggling of wheat and fertilizer. He said that the deputy commissioners should inspect the development projects in their districts for quality construction work and a third party audit of the schemes would also be conducted. The Chief Secretary also directed the administrative officers to make best arrangements for Ramazan bazaars

In case of noticing symptoms, cattle rearers must separate the animal from healthy ones and keep it at some other place where unnecessary intervention and entry of all irrelevant elements should be banned to avoid its spread to other cattle pens. He said that the Lumpy Skin disease does not transmit to humans from animals and their meat and milk was safe for human consumption.

He said that while the cattle rearers were being approached by livestock officials, it would be appropriate for them to remain in contact with veterinary hospitals to ensure timely treatment of their ailing animals.

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