Pronet (Pvt.) Limited, an industry leading systems integration, solution provider, and business facilitator, has announced that its Dynamic IVR application is compliant with key Avaya OneCloud™ solutions, helping customers improve agent performance for a better customer experience.

Avaya selected Pronet Limited for membership as a Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect program, which promotes the development, compliance-testing and co-marketing of innovative third-party solutions that are compatible with standards-based Avaya solutions. Avaya is a global leader in solutions that enhance and simplify communications and collaboration.

Pronet’s Dynamic IVR application provides a unified service for automated voice services, omnichannel interactions, call control applications, and assisted agent workflows. It is a powerful testing and simulation tool that uses Webservices APIs to interact with third-party CRM applications and perform telephone PIN validation and credit card PIN generation. The application is a fully-featured graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that runs on Avaya Experience Portal in collaboration with Aura® Call Center Elite and Avaya Aura Contact Center. It is now compliance-tested by Avaya for compatibility with Avaya Experience Portal 8.0 using Avaya Aura Communication Manager 8.1 and Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services 8.1.

“We are extremely pleased to be the first DevConnect Technology Partner in Pakistan,” said Saqib Qasim Ali, Chief Operating Officer at Pronet. “Successful compliance testing of our Dynamic IVR solution is a major and important milestone, and we hope to add numerous other products to our portfolio in the future.”

“Technology partners like Pronet are helping customers make the most of the Avaya technology they deploy, while improving the customer service experience by optimizing contact center efficiency,” said Susy Liem, Vice President of Product Management at Avaya. “We are delighted to welcome Pronet as a member of our developer community.”

Pronet is a Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect program, part of the Avaya Experience Builders network of Avaya experts, partners, developers, and customers. This unique global collaborative is exceptionally positioned to deliver the next-gen customer and employee experiences businesses need through the Avaya OneCloud AI-Powered Experience platform. Partners in the DevConnect program develop, market, and sell innovative third-party products that interoperate with Avaya technology and extend the value of a company’s investment in its network.

As a Technology Partner, Pronet can submit products to Avaya for compliance testing, where a team of DevConnect engineers develops a comprehensive test plan for each application to verify its Avaya compatibility. This enables customers to confidently add best-in-class capabilities to their network without having to replace their existing infrastructure—helping speed deployment of new applications and reduce both network complexity and implementation costs.

Avaya is a provider of cloud communications solutions and its multi-cloud application ecosystem powers personalised, intelligent, and effortless customer and employee experiences to help achieve strategic ambitions and desired outcomes, says the company.

Pronet (Pvt.) Limited is an industry leading systems integrator, solution provider, and business facilitator in Pakistan.

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