What are the common mistakes made by Mobile Game

The mobile phone gaming industry is not a new one. Since the arrival of modern-day smartphones, mobile games have been developing and in recent years, this industry has gained a lot of popularity.

We now find several types of mobile games available to play for free. Mobile phone gaming marketing has become so much popular that it has taken over PC and consoles as the major revenue shareholder in the gaming industry, covering around 51% of the global revenue of the gaming industry. 

In upcoming years, it will continue to dominate and thrive because of the convenience, affordability, and accessibility of mobile phones. This means greater opportunities for game developers, who can then capitalize on these opportunities and make huge revenue for themselves. But while capitalizing on these opportunities, game developers make certain mistakes, which is the thing that we have discussed below:

Trying To Make A Big Game In The Start

This is a common mistake made by amateur and beginner developers. When amateurs think to develop a game then they usually think of developing an epic and graphics-intense game that will attract a lot of audiences and acquire great popularity throughout the world. When they try to develop a big game on their first attempt then they usually fail because making an epic game is not a child’s play and requires multiple experienced developers to be working together.

When developers try to develop a big game at the start of their career then they aren’t even able to reach the end of the development because of a lack of experience and skillset. So in the initial days, it is best for beginners to start with a short and simple game and Idle games like Cow Clicker or Clicker Heroes that are easy to develop, loved by users, and can be played with an Auto Clicker.

Not Targeting Specific Audience

Not every game is accepted globally by users. If there is one particular game that is loved by people in a region then it won’t be loved by anyone. Everyone has different preferences and developers make the mistake of not targeting a specific audience due to which their game doesn’t gain as much popularity as they thought it would.

The best way to solve this is to develop a game for a specific group of users and target them only. When you target a specific audience such as a hardcore game for hardcore gamers then it will gain popularity among those players.

Copying The Ideas Of Others

A very common mistake made by mobile game developers is that they copy the ideas of other developers. When game developers see that a game is trending and becoming popular then they try to copy the idea of that game and try to implement it into their own game. But the problem is that when users download and install a new game then they want to try something new and unique. When the users find similar ideas in different games then they become disappointed and uninstall games instantly.

Instead of copying the idea of anyone else, developers should come up with something different and unique, something that isn’t already in the market. When developers are investing their time and resources into developing a game then why not develop a unique game that isn’t even available on TapTap, a free mobile app store that has the most lenient game audit rules. The developers should be creative and bring something new for the gamers.

Not Adding Local Languages

Users love it when a game is available in their local language. When a game is launched globally then users from each country expect that the game will be available in their local language but that is a mistake that most developers make. Game developers fail to launch the game in domestic languages due to which many users are disappointed.

A game that is available in a local language gives a special cultural touch and is loved by the local users. If developers can not add every domestic language to a game then they can at least try to add domestic languages of the countries from where most of their users are from to make them happy.

Releasing A Game Before Finalizing It

Another common mistake made by developers is to release a game before it is fully developed. Developers are always advised to launch a game when it is fully developed and functionally complete. The developers launch games before finalizing them and such games usually contain bugs, due to which users don’t like such games at all.

Developers should keep in mind that the first impression is the last impression and if the initial impression of a game is not a good one then users would think that it was a bad decision to install the game. Therefore, developers should only release a game when it is finalized.