Rainbow Six Siege announces that a new set of costumes from Sega’s classic Yakuza franchise will be added to the game later this month.

One of the most lauded tactical shooters from Ubisoft is Rainbow Six Siege, with the game still going strong even seven years after its original release. Many fans and critics praised the number of improvements and updates the game had received since it launched, especially since it adopted a games-as-a-service model. With consistent content being provided to fans of Rainbow Six Siege every so often, it has participated in a number of crossovers in the past few years.

The last crossover the game had was back in 2021, with a variety of cosmetic skins that were from some sources both expected and unexpected. While a skin based on Capcom’s Resident Evil, for example, made sense, many fans were taken aback when Rainbow Six Siege announced Rick and Morty-themed skins. These included skins for operators like Smoke, who was based on the infamously memetic Pickle Rick. Another unexpected crossover with Rainbow Six Siege has recently been announced, where players will be getting skins based on Sega’s Yakuza franchise.

These skins will be for two operators of the game, with one for Echo and the other for Hibana, who are defensive and offensive-based operators, respectively. Echo’s skin will be based on Kazuma Kiryu, the protagonist and face of the Yakuza series. On the other hand, Hibana’s skin will be based on Kaoru Sayama, a character from Yakuza 2. She was the lead detective from Osaka’s police department and was Kiryu’s partner and love interest in the game as well.

Both of these skins are heavily based on their appearances in Yakuza 2, with both characters wielding a special cosmetically decorated gun. For example, Kiryu’s rifle is heavily based on the dragon tattoo that is on his back. The trailer notes that these skins will be coming very soon, on May 24. The end of the trailer teases another Elite skin for Echo, which many fans can see will be based on Kiryu’s rival Goro Majima.

This announcement took many fans of the Yakuza series by surprise, seeing that of all franchises that it would likely be getting a crossover with, Rainbow Six Siege was not on their list. The memes started flooding social media, with many of them related to Kiryu’s aversion to killing and others about his chances of appearing in other franchises. Fortnite was pitched by fans as the next bizarre gaming crossover appearance that Kiryu would find himself in.

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