The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting announced that the youngsters aspiring to be filmmaker could register themselves online for the 2nd National Amateur Short Film Festival (NASFF)

“From oceans to mountains” was the theme of the NASFF 2022 jointly organized by the Information Ministry and Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), said the officials in ministry. According to the them, the festival’s registration was opened for the entire youth especially those who were studying Media Studies in the universities. Registered aspirants were bound to submit their short film and documentary projects by June 30.

The officials said the young people interested in making films and documentaries could register themselves They could also download registration forms and submit the filled in forms either at or They said the NASFF 2022 was organized on receiving overwhelming response from the aspiring filmmakers who participated in the last year’s amateur film festival enthusiastically.

The prime objective of organizing the NASFF 2022 was to tap the talent and creativity of Pakistani youth who chose film and television production and mass media communication as their academic and professional careers, the officials said, adding it would be the best platform for such youth. “From the turquoise waters of Arabian Sea to some of the highest summits on the planet, Pakistan’s unique geography is an endowment not many countries can rival.

There is a need to showcase the diverse landscape, rich culture, and ancient heritage of the marvel, called Pakistan,” the officials maintained while citing it a reason to choose ‘From Oceans to Mountains’ as a theme of the film festival. They said scholarships for the world’s renowned media institutions would be given to youngsters who would perform extraordinarily in the film festival.

There were eight categories of awards and prizes for the best performance in the NASFF 2022 including Best Undergraduate Film, Best Mobile Film, Best Special Category Film, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Direction, Best Research, and Youngest Film Maker, the officials added. They said a help desk had also been set up at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for the NASFF 2022. In case of any difficulty, the help desk and 051-9273537 could be contacted during office hours

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