New look! Google updates the web version of the Play Store with a design inspired by Material You Google is releasing a design updates for the web version of the Play Store this Tuesday (17). After several years without major changes, the official Android app store website is taking on a whole new look and feel that matches the mobile version, embracing many elements of Material You.

The visual language of the website inherits several features from the mobile version, such as buttons and icons with rounded edges, search filters, and more prominent titles. The gray background is replaced by white and possibly dark mode will be supported. All elements bring a more modern look than the “square” look of the old site. The organization of the apps has also been optimized for the current titles most used by the public. Users will be able to find spare categories like “Streaming”, “Productivity” and “Education” on the apps page for mobile, tablet, TV, Chromebook and other devices running Google operating systems.

Interestingly, the “Play Livros” and “Play Filmes” sections continue to adopt a more quadratic format for the title cover, but have gained divisions that announce promotions, commemorative events and other platform news This is another of the new revelations that big tech brought this Tuesday. This morning we reported an update to the Google Play System which added a new parental supervision tool to Family Link. The month of May, by the way, has already seen the presentation of new cell phones and artificial intelligence solutions signed by Google.

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