President Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) Wang Zihai pledged to spur the pace of technological advancement in Pakistan through Chinese cooperation during a think tank session held at PCJCCI premises here the other day.

He said that the technological advancement for human resource development is the prime agenda of PCJCCI, after the successful working of “Pak-China Knowledge Portal” we are keen to establish an online Pak-China Technology Gateway. He said that this project should be initiated with the Chinese collaboration and the purpose of this project would be primarily the transfer of redundant technology from China that is no more in use in China, but suits to the needs and requirement of Pakistani Industrial trends. He added that after the outbreak of Covid-19, its essential to strengthen off ground bond between the two nations by improving digital skills and relations.

Senior Vice President PCJCCI, Ehsan Choudhry said that the acquisition of appropriate technology from China in the field of renewable energy and alternative sources of energy such as solar, nanotechnology ,wind power, run of the river power plants, etc. is also included on the priority. The government has to formulate policies for creating linkages between industry and academia so as to create industry-driven batches of students, he said, and suggested equipping secondary school and university graduates with employable skills that require a shift from academically-oriented learning to demand-driven courses relevant to the industry needs.

Vice President PCJCCI, Sarfaraz Butt said that we are planning to establish state-of-the-art Chinese information and material centre that would be executed in two phases; first phase involves formation of display centre and the second phase involves the transfer of production facility from China to Pakistan, he said.

Secretary General PCJCCI, Salahuddin Hanif said that we will also initiate online technological courses for our youth through this “Pak-China Technology Gateway.” These courses will convey contemporary knowledge and information related to various sectors which includes electronic and automotive advancement, insurance, agriculture, textiles, shoe manufacturing, chemicals, battery recycling plant and real estate advisory. The government of Pakistan needs to invest in skilled workers to bridge the imbalances that occur due to inadequacy in human resource development

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