Apple this week celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day by announcing new accessibility features that will be available later this year with iOS 16 and other software updates. However, while we wait for those updates, the company has been promoting accessibility tips that anyone can take advantage of.

Apple devices are known for having multiple accessibility features so that people with disabilities can easily use them. This includes things like VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch, and Voice Control.

However, to promote awareness about accessibility features, Apple has launched a new category in the iOS Tips app highlighting some features that every user can enable to improve their experience with iPhone and iPad devices.

For instance, Apple shows how users can increase text size, play calming background sounds, magnify objects near you using the Magnifier app, and even identify certain ambient sounds like alarms and sirens with Sound Recognition. Other tips include how to listen to what’s on the screen, control a device using custom voice commands, and lock your iPhone or iPad to stay in a single app.

You can access all these tips by going to the Tips app on your iPhone or iPad. For those unfamiliar, the Tips app, as the name suggests, provides useful information to help users discover new features on their devices.

One of the new accessibility features teased by Apple this week is called “Door Detection,” and it uses the LiDAR scanner on supported iPhone and iPad models to help users understand how far away they are from a door. It can also read signs and symbols around the door.

For Apple Watch users, a new option will mirror the watch’s screen on the iPhone so that people with physical and motor disabilities can interact with features such as ECG, Blood Oxygen, and Heart Rate. Also, live captions are finally coming to FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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