Voice-over can be the best way to connect with your audience emotionally – it is always a better option when it comes to attracting the audience’s attention.

Since it can help in better connectivity and representation, it delivers the perfect emotions that you want your audience to feel. In contrast, these emotions are not appropriately expressed through plain texts.

Here are some tips that can help you appeal to the interest of your audience and connect well with them emotionally with the help of a text-to-speech reader:

1. Identify the emotions that will describe your brand/content best

Identifying the type of emotion you wish to represent through your video by taking the help of a voice-over is the first step to making an emotional connection with the audience.

Let’s suppose your video is a chocolate commercial; then the emotions that’ll go with the theme are – upbeat, temptation and joy.

If the video has any informative content, such as current daily affairs, then the emotions matching the theme are – formal, focused and smooth.

The right emotion of the voice brings a proper connection with the theme of the video, due to which the audience tends to feel more relatable. Using the perfect emotions in the voice-over helps deliver the message correctly.

2. Identify the age and the type of audience you want to reach

The audience feels more emotionally connected when they feel more related to the voice used in the video. A wrong tone of voice might lead to irritation and disinterest within the targeted audience, and they might not attend to your video/commercial.

To form an emotional connection with your audience, identify the audience’s age that you wish to reach through your video.

If the audience you wish to reach is 5-10 years old children, then the AI voice you choose shall be more energetic and expressive.

If your audience is a senior citizen, you should select a more calm, deep, and gentle AI voice that matches the chosen group.

If your video’s targeted audience is women specifically, it’s better to select a woman voice-over AI and vice versa for the men.

Choosing the right voice tone that matches the age group and the type of audience that you wish to reach will make the targeted group of people feel more comfortable and relatable, forming an emotional bonding with them.

3. Write a voice-over script that appeals to many yet speaks to one

One of the best and most necessary ways of emotional bonding is to speak to one and reach out to many.

Try to script the voice-over so that you are trying to express your content only to a single person, like a one-on-one conversation that you have with your friend.

Talking to the masses feels more impersonal, and it will not form any bonding between the listener and the speaker. It will not provide any emotional connection with the audience like a one-on-one conversation can.

A personal conversation type of content is pleasing to the listener and feels more expressive. It can give the audience/listener a better understanding of what you have to offer.

4. Find the voice that represents your brand/content’s values properly

People might associate your brand with the voice that they listen to. This voice becomes the ambassador that will express your content to the audience on your behalf.

Choosing a perfect voice-over AI that expresses your brand according to your brand’s theme can be an asset for your brand. The audience would be able to associate your brand with the voice they listen to and put faith in your brand.

So, if you wish to express the values and nature of your brand, select the type of AI voice that represents your brand’s theme to gain the trust of your audience.

5. Choose the proper accent for your targeted audience

Accents also play a vital role in making an emotionally connecting voice in a video. Suppose the targeted audience finds it hard to understand the accent used in your voice-over video. In that case, it will become challenging for them to assess the data of your content, leading to undesirable results.

Select the accent and the language of the voice-over according to the region of your targeted audience.

If you target an international audience, then the accent you choose should be clearer and easier to understand; since English is not the first language for many countries, they might find it hard to decipher a typical English accent.

If your targeted region is a particular country, try to use the voice-over AI according to the country’s accent(s).

The choice of accent, keeping in mind the region of the targeted audience, is something that a creator should not overlook to form that emotional connection with the audience of the targeted region.

6. Pick the right pitch for your audience

Pitch is another factor that the creator can not afford to overlook while creating a voice-over PPT or video.

A high-pitched voice-over might be desirable for the young audience, but it can be a bad experience if the targeted audience is senior citizens. High pitch, in this case, might ruin all the emotions of the audience.

Hence, choosing the pitch while keeping the age group of the targeted audience in mind is necessary to create a voice-over that can connect with the audience emotionally.

Murf makes it easier for you to choose the accents like   in British accent you need by providing the AI voices specifically for your target country.