China’s ecological and environmental conditions have achieved a historical turnaround in the past decade, said by an official at a press conference.

The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee held a press conference on “China in the past decade” on May 12. Officials from the sectors of economy, science and technology, national development and reform, environment, international trade, and banking introduced the progress and reform in China’s economy and ecological conservation. Han Wenxiu, a senior official with the Central Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs at the press conference held in Beijing, China, May 12, 2022. /CFP

Han Wenxiu, a senior official with the Central Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs, said that the efforts made in past decade was a solid promotion of green development. Afforestation in China now accounts for about one-fourth of the global artificial afforestation, and the cumulative carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP have dropped by about 34 percent. The total amount of installed green power, including wind power and photovoltaic power generation and the production sales of new energy vehicles rank first in the world. China has also promoted achieving carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, making a major contribution to the international response to climate change and promoting global environmental governance.

Ye Min, vice minister of Ecology and Environment, highlighted the achievements made by regional governments which have followed “Guiding Opinions on Building a Modern Environmental Governance System.” He said in recent years, the central and provincial governments have not only formulated a list of responsibilities for ecological and environmental protection, but also revised 13 laws and 17 regulations including the Law on the Prevention and Control of Air, Water and Soil Pollution.

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