The solar system in which people live is enormous. It contains a large number of celestial bodies, including planets, stars, and asteroids. In the solar system, there are a total of eight planets, but only one of them, the earth, has been found to have live creatures. Scientists have yet to find evidence of life on any of the other seven planets. Many individuals are curious as to why life isn’t conceivable on every planet.

By  Abrar Ashraf, Muhammad Ashraf Nasir

We have no idea if life exists somewhere other than on Earth! We know that life requires extremely certain situations to survive. Many scientists think that these circumstances exist elsewhere and that life might exist outside of our planet. All living things require food, water, and the proper environment and temperature. Humans, for example, require oxygen to breathe and can stay at temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold. Because other planets do not have the same environment like Earth, life on them would be considerably different.

Water is a critical component in maintaining the sort of life we have on Earth. Water is essential for the life of both plants and animals. Planet Earth is unique in that it has a large amount of liquid water. We have yet to discover a planet with the same quantity of liquid water as Earth, although several new “exoplanets” orbiting other stars do. One of the compounds that the Curiosity Mars Rover is searching for is confirmation of water on Mars now or in the past. It indicates that there was once a lot of liquid water on Mars. It’s possible that the conditions on Mars were ideal for life to flourish. It’s even possible that life originated on Mars first, and that Mars “seeded” life on Earth.

As we know that the right temperature is critical for all living organisms. The temperature of different planets depends upon the distance between the stars it orbit around its sun. Planets nearest to the sun are extremely hot, whilst planets further away are extremely cold. These planets would be uninhabitable for humans. We’re finding “exoplanets” orbiting other stars at just the ideal distance for life to exist. So, life on other planets, or even moons of other planets, may still exist, but it would most likely be very different from life on Earth!.