In frustration, Twitch streamer xQc pushes for the streaming platform to start permanently banning ‘TTV Andy’ stream snipers

There comes a point in time when every popular streamer, whether they’re on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube, has to deal with stream snipers. The more popular a streamer, the more likely they run into a stream sniper. It’s rarely a positive experience, but it’s especially frustrating when the stream sniper is another streamer looking to siphon viewers. That’s exactly the subject that Twitch streamer xQc addressed during a recent broadcast, even going so far as saying that Twitch needs to start handing out permanent bans.

xQc, who refers to streaming stream snipers as TTV Andys due to their tendency to include “TTV in their usernames, says that players who snipe while advertising their Twitch channels should be permanently banned. In other words, xQc believes that Twitch itself should police when streamers on its platforms are stream sniping other streamers.

Technically, Twitch’s guidelines already cover this area and should punish players stream sniping others, particularly when their goal is to leech viewers from other streamers. However, it’s not a simple accusation to prove, nor is it easy to gauge the severity of the issue for an appropriate punishment. xQc even goes so far as saying it would be “petty” for him to report other streamers for the behavior, so he doesn’t do it. He just believes Twitch should be proactive, apparently.

To be fair to Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt, it recently took criticism regarding stream sniping in its game to heart and added a streamer mode. It was very recent, however, with the update going out at the end of March. It’s possible that xQc didn’t know it had been added, though given xQc’s popularity it may not have mattered.

When a streamer becomes as popular as xQc there’s only so much that can be done to avoid stream snipers in competitive multiplayer games with limited matchmaking systems. Banning Twitch streamers that stream snipe likely wouldn’t impact that. There’d still be normal stream snipers, as well as stream snipers from other streaming platforms, after all. xQc’s probably still correct that Twitch should be more aggressive with enforcement, but it probably wouldn’t make xQc’s Twitch streams any less stressful.

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