An updated game profile for Gotham Knights could mean that the action game has been updated to support four-player Bat Family co-op.

Gotham Knights isn’t necessarily a direct continuation of the Batman Arkham series from Rocksteady, but for many fans of the previous series, the relationship to those previous games is part of what make exciting. The other attractive aspect of Gotham Knights is the mix of Bat Family protagonists and the opportunity for 2-player co-op gameplay. That aspect of the game could be growing all the more exciting, as a recent Gotham Knights profile update hints that co-op may have been expanded to support four players.

The unconfirmed upgrade for Gotham Knights was discovered on the official PlayStation store profile for Gotham Knights. Profiles on the storefront list two relevant details. The first is how many players are supported via network play, and the second is how many players are supported online with a PlayStation Plus subscription. Both of these figures now list four players

Up until this point, Gotham Knights has been advertised entirely as a two-player co-op experience. It isn’t just that developer WB Montreal mentioned the feature in passing, either. It’s been a significant marketing point, with WB Montreal even going so far as to say combat was designed explicitly around two-player co-op. That’s why, even though four-player co-op is being listed on an official storefront game profile for Gotham Knights, Batman fans should wait for further confirmation

What makes the possibility of expanding to four-player co-op exciting is the same thing that made two-player co-op so interesting. It means that, like a classic arcade game, players can choose their favorite members of the Bat Family and play together. Instead of just Batgirl and Nightwing playing, a full team of Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood can play together. Or, potentially, four Nightwings can team together if that’s what players are into.

If WB Montreal did decide to expand co-op to four players, it would certainly mean having to redesign the game’s combat systems for the additional players. Coincidentally, Gotham Knights has been delayed recently. That extra time could have been used to expand multiplayer and rebalance combat, though it’s not like WB hasn’t been busy with other things, too.

With scheduled for release on October 25 later this year, WB likely won’t wait long to make an announcement regarding the potential expansion of co-op to include four players. That could mean that June’s Summer Game Fest will feature an announcement, or perhaps a different event in June. Either way, fans can look forward to more information soon.

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