Unlucky Elden Ring Player Suffers Heartbreaking Loss to Crucible Knights After fighting and dying against Crucible Knight Ordovis, a player showcases how tragically close they came to defeating the two crucible knights

As is customary with FromSoftware titles, Elden Ring is known for some of the most challenging boss fights in gaming. While past FromSoftware games had iconic, memorable moments where players would be pitted against powerful foes, Elden Ring has boss fights around practically every corner, leading to tons of variation in player strategy and experience.

While the bosses that players are required to fight are certainly numerous, the sheer amount of mini-bosses and dungeon bosses littered throughout the game’s environment is staggering. Much like Bloodborne’s challenge dungeons, Elden Ring’s dungeon bosses vary, with some being a quick test of a player’s skill to others being a massive wall to progress due to their difficulty.

One of the prime examples that will pop into many players’ heads at the mention of incredibly hard dungeon bosses is that of Crucible Knight Ordovis and his crucible knight brother in arms. The first crucible knight in Elden Ring poses a tough challenge for players, especially those of low levels, but facing two crucible knights at the same time is a daunting task. Recently, one player suffered a truly soul-crushing defeat at Ordovis’ hand, failing the fight and leaving Ordovis with nothing but an imperceptible sliver of health remaining

Reddit user IAmZad was the unfortunate player who fell mere millimeters short of the finishing blow. As stated previously, the amount of health Ordovis has left is nearly unnoticeable, and without a second look, it seems the knight should indeed be dead. However, a second look at the health bars shows Ordovis is indeed hanging on by a thread. Like a cleanrot knight glitching through an Elden Ring wall, Ordovis living through this fight feels like cheating, and surely left IAmZad with a bad taste in their mouth

Other Reddit users felt IAmZad’s pain, offering their support as well as some jokes. One Reddit user said that IAmZad should sleep the loss off and come back to kill the two knights in the morning, as sleep will help them recuperate. Another Reddit user panicked at finding out two crucible knights were waiting in a future dungeon, fearfully asking other users to tell them it was fake. Another user simply commented, “first time?” asking whether this was the first instance of IAmZad losing a boss fight one hit before a win

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