The Destiny 2 Guardian Games are back in 2022, as the Warlock and Titan classes look to dethrone the Hunter Class, last year’s Destiny 2 Guardian Games winner. With pride on the line, all three classes have already begun their quest to determine who is the best Destiny 2 class in 2022.

Here is everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022, as the month of May ramps up with brand new events surrounding the Guardian Games. The Guardian Games pit the game’s three classes, Warlock, Titan, and Hunter against one another as players gather points for their respective classes through in-game tasks.

The class that earns the most points by the end of the event is dubbed the 2022 winner of the Destiny 2 Guardian Games. The Guardian Games are free to play for all players, so the competition is welcome to all player levels and skills. That being said, while a free event, certain opportunities for points will be saved for those who own the expansion and seasonal pass.

2022’s Guardian Games began on May 3. While the event has already started, Destiny 2 players still have an opportunity to represent their respective class with honor and earn as many points before the event ends on May 24. And for those that may struggle to remember that date, it will also align with the final day of the Season of the Risen.

Many of the event’s activities from last year’s Guardian Games carried over into 2022, so veteran players will have a sizeable advantage this year. Players will earn medallions when they complete “Contender Cards” and “Platinum Cards,” which they must deposit at the Podium in the Tower immediately after.

Medallions of lower value can be earned through Gambit, Vanguard Strikes, Quickplay Crucible, and low-level Throne World activities. The same level of difficulty applies to Gold medals, which are earned once a player completes easier Contender Cards. However, if a player wants to earn Platinum medals, they will need to apply more effort than the aforementioned methods for metals. In order to obtain Platinum medals, players will need to complete tasks like raids, dungeons, and other trials on a higher level of difficulty.

The harder the activity, the more points and rewards a player gets for the completed task. So if you are a newer player, going for the Gold medals may be the better option, while veteran players may find it more suitable to go for the more difficult Platinum medals. That being said, even if you are a new player, do not shy away from the Platinum medals, as there will be bounties present that provide extra rewards on completion.

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