The Ministry of Health in West Kordofan state announced nine deaths as a result of the measles, and a further 46 cases that may have emerged. Sources indicated that the measles cases may have originated from a South Sudanese refugee camp in the Ghubeish locality of West Kordofan.

A state health medical team was sent from Khartoum to Ghubeish, to retrieve samples of the disease and confirm it in their laboratory. According to government sources, the team will also carry out “necessary interventions” and help isolate the spread in order to prevent further cases.

The Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) initiative targets about 30,000 children, including South Sudanese refugees, between six months and 15 years.

According to MSF, hundreds of suspected cases of measles have been reported across East Darfur since early 2022. MSF received the first suspected measles patient in the East Darfur Kario camp primary health care centre, at the beginning of January. By the end of March, PHCC received many patients who were exhibiting the symptoms of measles and managing the cases accordingly, the statement says.

“This vaccination campaign is targeting both the South Sudanese refugees in Kario camp and the host communities in the nearby El Ferdous and Bahr El Arab localities,” underlines Topher Mongeon, the project coordinator of MSF in East Darfur. “While the campaign is an initiative of the Ministry of Health, MSF is covering the costs for medical staff and transportation means, as well as ensuring the cold chain.”

Through this vaccination campaign, the health authorities and MSF are also aiming to strengthen the surveillance system at health facility and community level

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