There’s some interesting news for Aws GameKit developers and gamers who play on Mac and mobile. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that AWS GameKit now supports iOS, macOS, and Andorid games developed with Unreal Engine.

AWS GameKit launched on March 23, giving game developers a chance to build AWS powered game features from the Unreal Editor. This update now allows developers to use GameKit when building games for Win64, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Game developers using AWS GameKit for Unreal Engine can now integrate new cloud-based game features into Win64, macOS, iOS, and Android games. These features will help give players a unique and enhanced gaming experience – developers can create unique identities for players so they can sign into the game and manage play sessions. Additionally, they can also set player achievements, have game progress saved in the cloud, and maintain game-related data for players.

AWS GameKit features an architecture design that provides developers a secure and high-performing infrastructure. It also includes an AWS CloudFormation template to manage the backend from the Unreal Editor, Blueprint assets, and more.A few years ago Spotify opened up a second app that offered an experience based around “radio” stations. Now, Spotify Stations is shutting down later this month.

AWS is perfect for game developers who want to manage their game’s cloud resources themselves. Features are customizable and run in the developer’s AWS account. Developers can find the AWS GameKit plugin in the Unreal Engine Marketplace or download it from the AWS GameKit website.

Overall, it seems like this announcement will enhance the future of gaming by offering more quality games across Win64, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. The Unreal Engine has pumped out some high-profile titles like Fortnite, Darksiders 3, Dragon Quest XI, among others. I’m excited to see what developers come up with, so we can finally have more quality titles to play on macOS and iOS devices

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