YouTube live streamers can Redirect viewers to other channels YouTube live streamers can now utilize a feature similar to Twitch raids, called cross-channel live redirects.

YouTube Live Streamers Can Redirect Viewers To Other Channels YouTube rolls out cross-channel live redirects, a new feature that allows streamers to send live viewers to other channels.

Cross-channel live redirects are functionally similar to Twitch raids, which allows a creator to send their audience to another stream when theirs concludes.

Live redirects on YouTube have one important distinction in that they offer added protection for streamers. On Twitch, creators can “raid” another stream with virtually no restrictions. This has lead to people using the raid feature for malicious purposes, such as sending audiences to other streams to hurl abuse at the creator.

YouTube has safeguards in place to prevent that from happening with cross-channel live redirects, making the feature a welcome addition to the platform.

Here’s more about cross-channel live redirects and how to use them. hat Are YouTube Cross-Channel Live Redirects? Live redirects allow you to send viewers to a livestream of your choice as soon as yours ends.

Let’s say your friend or colleague is streaming and you want to send your viewers to their channel to help them grow. With YouTube live redirects you can do that. nce your livestream ends, YouTube’s autoplay feature will move your viewers to the steam of your choice.

In addition to helping the other streamer, live redirects can also help your audience discover new channels and keep them watching more live content on YouTube. vailable to channels with over 1,000 subscribers, live redirects require the approval of other creators before you can send your audience to their stream.

Similarly, you’ll have to grant approval before other channels can send their audience to your stream. ou can set up live redirects in YouTube Studio for scheduled livestreams, or at the end of your stream in Live Control Room.

As you’re about to end your stream you choose which channel to send your viewers to. his can be configured from YouTube’s Live Control Room on desktop. Edit elect Customization nder Redirect, click Add. earch for and select the stream your viewers will be sent to
When your livestream ends you will see a confirmation showing where your viewers will be redirected. ote that if viewers have autoplay turned off they will not be automatically redirected. However, a prompt will display on the screen asking viewers if they want to be redirected, and they can choose to say yes.

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