Running a school is a job that requires diligence when each year, the school has a fresh intake of students and corresponding out-take of finishing students every academic calendar.

By Altaf Hussain

Given the inherently large sector of a school, from student management, academic management, school fees, school assets such as text books in the library and conical flasks in the lab. Mere manual system of pen and paper is not effective and efficient.

This is where a  comes into play. For a School System to be effective, it must have the following features.

1. Student Management System

This is a core feature that keeps a timely track of each and every student in the school. Information stored ranges from name, parent details, prior medical conditions to achievements.

When this is all kept in one place, it makes student management easy as the school population is easily known at the click of a button. And every student is accounted for compared to the pen and paper.

2. School Staff Informational Record
A good School System not only stores student record but also the school staff both teaching and non-teaching staff. The information can then be used
be stored for future purposes or can be used by the system to do other ancillary tasks such as constructing a school timetable for the teaching staff,
payroll system for producing payslips.
In an advance system, the school staff are designated usernames and password and given access to the system in relation to their field of work. This enables each and every one to work independently of one another and promotes faster work. This is better than only giving one or few staff access to the system who are prone to be overloaded with bulk work and handling information in fields they are ill-equipped.

3. Academic Analysis
The teaching staff experience a great mental and physical drain of energy in tasks of marking student’s exam. Together with this analysis of exams must be done in order to determine a student’s academic level. A School System is of great reliance as the major tasks involve:
Grading student’s exams
Preparing Mark Sheet of subject mean grade and mean score.
Ranking students.
Preparing Report Cards.

2. School Accounting System
This is a very sensitive department that requires utmost accuracy or else suffer with government audits and disgruntle parents.
Your school needs a system fitted with a School Accounting System. This can keep track of each student’s fee balance and their fee statement from the moment they entered the school to the moment the leave.
An effective School Accounting System automatically invoices students every academic year or term as a credit transaction and debit the student’s fee balance every time the student’s fees is paid. You need NexxusHub for this job. It does this fluently and more so when a student damages or losses school property NexxusHub has a features that charges the student for this additional charges.

3. Library Management
A school is a place of literacy as such is not without text books. With a library can use a Library Management System to keep track of the school’s text book assets. With this System, it can also keep track of borrowing history, books currently in stock and those that have either been lost or damaged.

4. Payroll Management

Most are usually focus on Academics, it can be huge bonus if a School System can also incorporate a Payroll Management System. With this the school can easily store and automatically calculate the staff’s payslip, deductibles and other income.
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