Shanghai opens green channel to help save thousands of sea animals Shanghai’s strict COVID-control measures have impacted life of not just humans. At one theme park for sea creatures, authorities are working around the clock to provide for its residents. CGTN’s Wu Bin has more.

This Shanghai theme park has more than 300 varieties of sea animals. Since late March, when Shanghai was suddenly hit by strict COVID-control measures, a dozen staff members have been living at the park, so its full-time residents have everything they need.

However, they soon began to report shortages of sea salt, as essential to these creatures as air is to humans. NI JUN Deputy Head, Aquarium Department Shanghai Chang Feng Ocean World “We stocked some materials before the closed-off management, including sea salt and fish food. But we are running out of them because the city has been closed off for so long.”

The park has a warehouse that stores nine months of supplies on the outskirts of the city.But even that is inaccessible because of restrictions on movement.

HU CHEN General Manager Shanghai Chang Feng Ocean World “We immediately contacted the industrial park in Jiading District where our warehouse is located. They say their staff members cannot enter the warehouse because of closed-off management. We’re very anxious because the supply of sea salt is vital to the lives of the 300 kinds of animals, almost 10,000 sea animals in the sea world.”

As the situation became ever more desperate, the park decided to call the local culture and tourism department for urgent clearance. HU CHEN General Manager Shanghai Chang Feng Ocean World “They helped us apply for a transportation permit, and then contacted logistics for a 10-ton truck with a driver who had a negative nucleic acid report. We then decided to deliver the sea salt at the end of April.”

The delivery should be enough to last until the end of May. Hu said the whole process was very taxing for a lot of people, but, at the end of the day, the combined efforts of these unsung heroes will save the lives of thousands of sea animals. Wu Bin, CGTN, Shanghai.

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