One Apex Legends player discovers an interesting glitch for Crytpo that potentially gives the Legend a much-needed buff for competitive play

While there are numerous reasons for the success of Apex Legends of late, one contributing factor is the exciting cast of characters players can pick from when jumping into a match. With a roster of 20 playable Legends in Apex Legends, some are more popular than others. And while buffs and nerfs to Legends often change up the meta, several characters have not managed to gain significant traction in the community over the past couple of seasons. One of these lesser-played Legends is Crypto.

Introduced at the start of Season 3, Crypto is one of the first Legends to be added to the game following release. With a kit built around surveillance, he excels at providing intel for the rest of his team. However, playing the character well is often a challenge for players, and it can require a lot of time to learn to use the Legend’s abilities effectively in combat. Because of this, he has often had one of the lower picks rates in Apex Legends. However, a new exploit discovered in the game could change that.

In a video on YouTube, a content creator known as RossTheeSquirrel shared a video of a glitch they uncovered in Apex Legends. Specifically, this bug deals with Crypto and his Tactical, Surveillance Drone. According to the YouTuber, players can drop items from their inventory out of the sky using Crypto’s drone. Players can drop everything from weapon attachments to ammo and heals for other squad members to use, essentially turning the Tactical ability into a mini Care Package.
In addition to showing the glitch in action, RossTheeSquirrel explained how to execute it during a match in Apex Legends. To begin, Crypto players need to make sure that there are no free spots in their inventory. Then, they must deploy their drone to a location of their choosing. Following this, they need to exit drone view and hold down the interact button/key next to a piece of loot. Players should then return to their drone view. While the timing can be tricky, if done correctly, the inventory should remain on the screen allowing the player to swap items. This in turn will drop the swapped item from their backpack onto the ground next to the drone.

It will be interesting to see what Respawn Entertainment decides to do about this glitch in the coming days. With content creators such as RossTheeSquirrel highlighting the glitch online, it seems likely that more players will begin to check it out in-game. With that being said, this might not be a bad thing to keep in the battle royale, as it would potentially give Crypto an unintentional albeit much-needed buff. However, it remains to be seen how viable of an option this glitch turns out to be for the character and whether it does make him more viable in competitive matches.

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