Pakistan is Getting Its First Floating Solar Panel Project The Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA) is going to implement Pakistan’s first floating solar power project.

The General Manager of Tarbela Dam, Mohammad Azam Joya, revealed this while speaking at a workshop on the social and environmental impacts of floating solar panel projects.

He said the floating solar project will be implemented in the Tarbela and Ghazi Barotha barrages and will generate 300 megawatts of cheap electricity.

What Does Future Hold for PTI Govt’s Flagship Sehat Card Project? This unique project will be made possible by putting solar panels over water bodies to generate low-cost electricity. This project will take two and a half years to complete and will cost $325 million. Special funding will be provided by the World Bank for this project.

The nationwide power outage over the weekend, the government of the Punjab has decided to launch the Punjab Transmission and Distribution Company that will install its own electricity wires and transmission grids.

The provincial Minister for Energy, Dr. Akhtar Malik, said that the federal cabinet has been sent the summary regarding the launch of the transmission company. Here’s How Much Punjab Govt Will Save by Shifting to Solar Energy “The construction of such power plants will prevent the entire country from going into darkness,

Water Crisis Imminent if Delays in Tarbela Extension Projects Persist Regarding the implementation of the project, Azam said two projects would be installed in both the Tarbela and Ghazi Barotha barrages. Each of these projects will have a capacity of 150 megawatts and would potentially add a total of 300 megawatts to the national distribution system.

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