THE World Intellectual Property Day is observed every year on April 26 to pay tribute to intellectuals and creators who drive social progress. This year befittingly, the theme of the World IP Day 2022 is Intellectual Property (IP) and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future. The world is changing at a rapid pace and it is led by innovations of highly astute youth in different fields, like technology, science, art and others.

Pakistan faces many challenges, economic and social, but perhaps the most significant is a growing, young population that deserves a better future. There is no silver bullet that will magically improve the prospect for our young men and women. What is needed is a concerted effort to develop skills, to improve standard of education and to create opportunities that allow for development and growth.

It is essential to transform this challenge into an opportunity, which can only be done through concerted, single-minded focus on what is Pakistan’s biggest asset; its people.

Through investment in education and policies that support innovation and cultivate growth, we must become globally competitive.

Subsidising and incentivising business may be necessary in the present, but investment in human capital will secure our future.

We firmly believe it is our duty to encourage and promote the young and aspiring innovators, and urge businesses, institutions and individuals from all walks of life to focus energies on nurturing creativity and innovation to pave the way for a better future.

Intellectuals are the fuel of a society’s progress and we must enable an environment where their talents are utilised and their efforts are respected and protected. 

This article was originally published by Dawn.

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