Changan Lumin Corn has piqued the interest of several enthusiasts around the world including in Pakistan. The automaker has officially revealed the highly anticipated little mini electric vehicle (EV) in its home market.

Lumin Corn is a battery-electric city car that Changan and CATL have developed jointly. Launched under Changan’s Avatr Technology Marque, the tiny EV competes with Wuling Honguang Mini EV, Chery QQ Ice Cream, and other similar cars.

Changan will officially launch the Lumin Corn in two variants with 12.92 kWh and 17.65 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries that provide 155 kilometers and 210 kilometers of range respectively. The EV will later get a top-tier variant with a 27.99 kWh battery that will offer up to 301 kilometers of range.

The low and mid-tier variants will produce 41 horsepower (hp) while the top-tier variant will produce 48 hp. On paper, Lumin Corn offers mini electric more power and better range than Wuling Mini EV.

Lumin Corn has several interesting and useful features. It has a floating 10.25″ touch screen that provides access to navigation, phone, music, radio, and autonomous driving functions. It also has hazard lights, an engine start/stop button, climate control, a USB port, and a 12-volt socket.

It has an all-digital driver’s display that shows the car’s range, speed, battery charge, mini electric and energy consumption rate. The center console includes window switches, a gear selector dial, and a drive mode selector.

Other than that, the interior of this car is fashionable and reasonably roomy for four passengers including two adults up front and two children at the back. The rear seats have ISO fix child seat anchor points, while the luggage space — with rear seats folded down — is 104 liters.

Unlike Wuling Mini EV, Lumin Corn’s exterior profile is rounded and smooth. It has circular headlights and taillights, and smooth bumpers, which allows for a subdued, yet appealing look.

Changan is expected to launch Lumin Corn in the second quarter of 2022. However, since it has more features and a better range than Wuling Mini EV, it will likely have a larger price tag as well.

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