Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar builds up. Normally the maximum blood sugar is less than 100 mg / dl before a meal and less than 140 within two hours after a meal. Diabetes is a condition in which your sugar count is more than 126 in the morning and more than 200 after a meal.

In the early days of diabetes, especially in obese people, the disease can be reversed. For this, you need to adjust your diet well and lose weight. Abdominal circumference defined by ICMR is less than 80 cm in women and less than 90 cm in men. Body fat should be less than 25% of body weight in men and less than 32% in women. For many beginners, the disease can be controlled for years if they can reduce body fat
So make sure you take these factors into account and control your diet as well as exercise for at least half an hour daily. But if you are not able to keep your sugar levels under control, you might need to rely on medicines. There are many types of pills and insulin available. There are pills that increase insulin action as well as pills that increase insulin levels. But that pill should be prescribed by the doctor

Normally, weight gain pills that do not cause hypoglycemia are preferred. Insulin is the best treatment for type 2 diabetes or early-stage diabetes. Insulin may be needed during certain critical stages, such as heart disease, stroke, or chronic infection, or during pregnancy. After this condition it is possible to return to the pill. However, when the function of the pancreas is very low, and insulin is low, regular insulin may be needed. Insulin can be given in many ways.

Modern insulin is very effective. Of course, if your doctor tells you that you need insulin, do not hesitate to take insulin.

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