Service provider throttling your internet speed Websites seem sluggish and downloads take forever. It’s frustrating – especially when you’re paying for high-speed internet.

First, make sure it’s not just you. When I’m unsure if slow speeds or timeouts are part of a bigger issue, I hit Down Detector to see if others are reporting the same problem. Tap or click for a direct link and a few other tricks if a website won’t load.

If that’s not the issue, it could be a moocher. Yes, your neighbors or someone else could be piggybacking off your connection. Tap or click here to check what’s connected to your network.

There could be another culprit you might not have considered. Your internet service provider could be throttling your speed. Here’s a smart way to check what’s going on behind the scenes. All you need is a virtual private network, or VPN.

Before turning on your VPN, check your internet speed. You can Google search for “speed test in your browser, but I use Go to and click “Go” in the middle of the screen. It will automatically detect test servers near your location.For the first test, use the server it chooses. Afterward, you can try other servers around the country if you want.

A VPN creates a secure bridge between your device(s) and the internet, encrypting your online traffic from all forms of interference, snooping, and censorship.In this podcast, I help three callers who are in tough spots. One wants to protect her son from malicious gamers. Another wants expensive cameras for cheap prices. I’m sharing a few tech tricks you can use to save money and protect your privacy. I’ve also got the scoop on a secret Facebook setting that stops tracking.

A free VPN will sell your data and collect everything – and I mean everything – that you do when you’re using it. And a free VPN will slow your connection down while collecting all your data. It’s free for a reason. You are paying with your data, and boom, it starts. You get more spam, targeted ads, and maybe even more robocalls.

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