Qingming and Guyu, two Chinese solar terms, are important signposts for harvesting tea. Shihegang Town in Xinyang City, Henan Province, is the core production area of Xinyang Maojian tea. On sunny days, tea garden workers pick fresh Guyu tea leaves, or Grain Rain tea.

Xinyang in central China’s Henan Province is the northernmost tea production place among China’s top 10 most famous teas. In the middle of March, the temperature rises and the spring wind dyes the tea mountains green.

Cheyun Mountain is the core production area of the Xinyang Maojian tea. Back in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the Empress Wu Zetian favored the tea from the mountain and then built a tower for it. In 1915, Xinyang Maojian was named the “best tea in the world” at the Panama World Expo.

Locals have now developed an ecological tea garden, where tea trees grow naturally with the accompaniment of wildlife. The coming Qingming (which falls on April 5 this year) is a signal to harvest spring tea, and it’s a gift from nature that can be cherished by Chinese people for thousands of years.

In the heartland of east China’s Anhui Province, Jingde County leans on the notable Yellow Mountain. Based on the idea of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets,” the county is one of the National Ecological Counties.

The mountainous landscape has created many picturesque terraced fields in the county. These paddy rice fields and villages mingle with the hills and valleys, together with the clouds and mist, which earn the place the name of “Terrace on the Cloud.”

As the saying goes, “watch the mountains, feel the water and remember that nostalgia,” let’s check the video and enjoy the scenery of Jingde County.

Farmers are busy harvesting rice when the morning sun breaks through, evaporating the mist on the terraced field of Jingde County, east China’s Anhui Province. The golden agricultural land is also an attraction that attracts visitors from around the country to enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts.

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