Dan Williams meets scientists at Chicago’s Northwestern University who have developed the FaceBit, or ‘Fitbit for the face’, which is a quarter-sized sensor which attaches to a face mask. The mask uses a small magnet and tracks a user’s respiration rate, heart rate, super speed train how long they have been wearing the mask, and if the mask has begun to leak. Designed with the medical community in mind, it can be used by anyone to monitor their health, especially as many states and cities across the U.S. continue their mask mandates.

A huge study of U.S. military personnel suggests almost all cases of multiple sclerosis are triggered by the common Epstein-Barr virus. Neil Cairns finds out more from Harvard Epidemiology professor Alberto Ascherio and MS sufferer Mick Slater.

And a prototype magnetic levitation (maglev) train recently unveiled at Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu, Sichuan Province aims to set a new speed record for trains. The current record of 603 kilometers per hour is held by Japan’s SC Maglev. China’s answer to it is 620.

The introduction of CRH series was a major part of the sixth national railway speedup, implemented By the end of 2020, China Railway High-speed provided service to all provinces in China, and operated just under 38,000 km (24,000 mi) passenger tracks in length, accounting for about two-thirds of the world’s high-speed rail tracks in commercial service China has revealed plans to extend the HSR to 70,000 km by year 2035 It is the world’s most extensively used railway service, with 2.29 billion bullet train trips super delivered in 2019 and 2.16 billion trips in 2020 bringing the total cumulative number of trips to 13 billion as of 2020.

Over 1000 sets of rolling stock are operated under the CRH brand including Hexie CRH1/2A/5 that are designed to have a maximum speed of 250 km/h (160 mph), and CRH2C/3 have a maximum speed of 350 km/h (220 mph). The indigenous designed CRH380A have a maximum test speed of 416.6 km/h (258.9 mph) with commercial operation speed of 350 km/h. The fastest train set, CRH380BL, attained a maximum test speed of 487.3 km/h (302.8 mph). In 2017, the China Standardized EMU brand including CR400AF/BF and CR200J joined China Railway High-speed and are designated as Fuxing together with letters CR (China Railway10] With a gradual plan, the CR brand is going to replace the current CRH brand in service

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