Smart bot cleaner with neural processing tech

smart bot home cleaning enhancements across the board deliver the brand’s most capable and intelligent autonomous robotic vacuum and mopping system to date. Powered by LiDAR navigation with the second-generation system, onboard real-time home video calling, and mapping, delivers the most convenient, feature-rich, and intelligent cleaning bots from Roborock yet.

Smart bot cleaner with neural processing tech

Leveraging a series of new onboard high-tech modules – RGB camera, 3D structured light sensor, and the all-new neural processing unit – to support the updated ReactiveAI 2.0 Obstacle avoidance system, the S7 MaxV can handle just about anything in your home that might be in its way. It recognizes objects, furniture, and all of the floor types in your space (it will automatically adjust suction power and scrub intensity depending on the surface it is gliding over), adapting quickly to neatly clean around them regardless of how dark it might be at the time.

Alongside 3D multicolor bot mapping with the usual scheduling, room-specific user settings, no-go zones, and more, it also understands where all of your furniture and things of that nature are inside of the companion app. This allows users, for example, to engage a quick clean around the dining room table after meals to quickly pickup any loose crumbs and mop up afterwards at the tap of a button

MaxV series also features onboard home monitoring and real-time video calling. Not only does the onboard RGB camera help with object avoidance, but you can also use it to make video calls anywhere in your home with 2-way audio, so you can check up on the pets, hear them, and talk back.

Alongside voice or smartphone bot control and the new Empty Wash Fill Dock, anyone looking for a high-tech cleaning solution will want to consider the new S7 MaxV series. The optional self-cleaning Empty Wash Fill Dock automates the system to new heights, washing the mop heads after each session, refilling the cleaning unit’s water supply (up to 300 sqm, which is “50% more than its predecessors”), and delivering auto-empty features on the vacuum side of things for up to seven weeks.

The base unit described above known as the S7 MaxV, the S7 MaxV Plus with the auto empty dock, and the soon-to-be-available flagship S7 MaxV Ultra with the aforementioned automated mopping and vacuuming dock

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