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Statcounter reports Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular browser on desktop, besting Apple’s Safari.

When Microsoft Edge arrived in 2015 as a new default browser for Windows, Microsoft faced an enviable task. Google Chrome was dominant, and Edge needed to make any sort of dent. Well, Chrome remains dominant, but it seems Microsoft Edge is now the second most used desktop web browser.

This is quite a win for Microsoft, but also just part of what is a long journey. It is worth remembering that the company once dominated the browser space for decades with Internet Explorer. However, allowing that browser to stagnate meant something new was needed for Windows 10.

Edge was born but suffered early teething problems such as performance issues and a messy vision. While the vision may not be much better – Microsoft is still throwing all features apart from the Kitchen sink at Edge – it is a capable browser these days.

According to Statcounter, the ongoing growth of Edge sees it surpass Apple’s Safari as the second most used desktop browser. Specifically, in March 2022 Edge took 9.65% market share, up 0.05%. Safari dropped to third with 9.56%, a fall of -0.21%.

Of course, it remains close enough that Safar may claw back the second position in the coming months. Although, there is clearly a more permanent shift coming where Edge will grow beyond Safari.

By the way, while Microsoft may take some market share from Google Chrome, don’t expect Edge to catch up to number one anytime soon. During March, Chrome took 67.29% of the market:

Google Chrome: 67.29%
Microsoft Edge: 9.65%
Apple Safari: 9.56%
Mozilla Firefox: 7.57%
Opera: 2.81%
So, what happens if we combine desktop and mobile users? Well, the situation does change in Safari’s favor, hardly a surprise considering Apple’s position with the iPhone. Even so, Edge’s availability across platforms means it is the third most used browser on mobile and desktop combined:

Google Chrome: 64.53% (+1.75)
Apple Safari: 18.84% (-0.46)
Microsoft Edge: 4.05% (-0.01)
Mozilla Firefox: 3.4% (-0.81)
Samsung Internet: 2.82% (+0.05)

Source: Win Buzzer

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