Able to upload videos faster on Twitter

Twitter announced that it has been working on a method to speed up videos uploads on Android. Twitter stated on both of its Twitter accounts, “Twitter Support” and “Twitter Engineering,” that “now it should be faster to share videos” on Android 9 and above. This is good news because on Android, uploading a video can sometimes take a lot of time.

According to Twitter, you should now be able to upload your “favorite clips” faster as long as they are 720p or below and have a bitrate of 3.5mbps or lower.Sadly, if you want to upload a higher resolution video than 720p, you will still have to wait longer for the upload to finish. Twitter stated in that regard, “While this improvement represents our latest evolution for Android video uploads, we’re continuing to improve the upload experience for your high quality videos.” So, the good news is that, eventually, Twitter may introduce a faster upload speed for videos with a resolution above 720p.

But how did Twitter increase the upload speed? Well, according to the tweets, Twitter now supports “intelligent processing and stream remuxing to increase the speed to process locally.” Simply put, Twitter upgraded the way the Twitter platform processes uploads, thus making the video upload faster.Now, as you probably know, there are many factors that can have an impact on the upload speed of a video. For example, for a faster video upload, you would also need a fast and stable internet connection, so don’t expect that from now on you will upload videos “lightning fast.” But if you have all the requirements for faster upload speeds, and you are on Android, according to Twitter, you should now be able to upload videos faster.