The Galaxy S22 Ultra from Samsung is a fantastic phone with a gorgeous screen, a great camera, and compatibility with Samsung’s S Pen. If you’ve never had a Samsung phone with a built-in pen, you’re in for a treat. With the little pen, you can do things like scribble notes on your Lock Screen, take flawless screenshots, and manage your phone from across the room.

However, the S22 Ultra price in Pakistan is more than just about the S Pen. Here are five tips and tactics to help you get more done on the S22 Ultra, even if it’s simply producing GIFs and memes using the S Pen. I’m not one to pass judgment.

Utilize the S-Pen

The S Pen support on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is undoubtedly its most notable feature and for good reason. With the inclusion of Samsung’s pen and a space to put it within the phone, the S22 Ultra resembles the Galaxy Note more than anything else. When you remove the pen from the bottom of the phone, a little, circular icon will appear on the screen. This is the Air Command symbol, which when pressed shows several possible actions from which you may choose.


Tap the symbol with the S Pen to display the opportunity to make a note, examine your notes, or utilize the useful screenshot feature, which allows you to choose a particular portion of the screen to record, among other possibilities. You may delete or create shortcuts by tapping on the Settings gear icon. Spend some time looking over each feature and determining what it accomplishes; some are valuable, while others you will never use.

When The Screen Is Locked, Make A Brief Note Of It.

When you remove the S Pen from your S22 Ultra while it is locked and the display is turned off, you may scribble down notes on the display without unlocking your phone and opening the Samsung Notes app. If you have the S Pen on your desk and wish to utilize the fast note function, just press the pen’s button and contact the screen with the tip of the pen. This is a simple method to jot down a brief note, which you can then retrieve in the Samsung Notes app for future reference.

Don’t Overlook The Airpods

The S Pen also functions as a remote control for the S22 Ultra. (In practice, it seems more like you’re wielding a magic wand, which is a lot of fun.) Go to Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen > Air Actions on your S22 Ultra. There, you can alter the default app that opens when you press and hold the S Pen’s button in, which is now set to the camera. You’ll also get a list of available gestures, including gestures for a particular app if you choose it from the list below.

When you wish to employ an Air Action, just press and hold the button on the S Pen before performing the relevant action. It takes some practice to get used to them, but once you do, you’ll love being able to control music or a slideshow with the flick of your wrist.


Disable the adaptive refresh rate.

Turning off adaptive motion smoothness is a simple approach to extend the life of your S22 Ultra’s battery. When you activate this function, your phone’s display will automatically adapt its refresh rate depending on what you’re doing. It improves the appearance of things like gaming and scrolling, but it depletes your phone’s battery life.

Toggle to Standard motion smoothness, open the Settings app, and choose Display > Motion Smoothness. Select Standard from the drop-down menu and press the Apply button.

Install Link to Windows

If you use a PC rather than a Mac, spend a few minutes to install Link to Windows, a utility that transfers alerts, files, images, and even apps from your S22 Ultra to your Windows computer.

The quickest method to get started with your computer nearby is to slide down from the top of your phone’s screen to reveal the fast settings panels, then select and press the Link to Windows option (you may have to scroll between panels).

The Link to Windows app will launch on your phone and guide you through the remainder of the setup process, which includes logging into the same Microsoft account that you use on your PC and connecting your phone to your computer.


3 Main Reasons You Should Buy Samsung S22 Ultra

  • You want a phone that has it all. There isn’t much that the Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t have to offer, and it’s the phone you turn to when you don’t want to compromise. Yes, some people may grumble about the absence of expandable storage or a headphone port, but in our view, these are non-starters.
  • You own or want a Galaxy Note. If you already own a Galaxy Note and want to upgrade, or if you want the legendary Galaxy Note experience, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the way to go. It blends the finest of the Galaxy S with everything that makes the Galaxy Note unique into a single device that is remarkable in every aspect.
  • You care about the battery, the display, and the camera. The Galaxy S22 Ultra excels in all three categories. The camera is the greatest I’ve ever used on an Android phone, the battery life is comparable to any other phone on the market, and Samsung produces the best display hands down.

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