Water is a life and its conservation is glorious for our future. We should use it wisely and avoid its excess usage on daily basis. If we were little cautious about its use than this water plays a major role to save future of our generations.

By Dr. Farah Amin

The shortage of water is not hard to control if we have better knowledge about its proper use.

According to a global research, 70% of water is found on our Earth, of which 97% is found on oceans as salt water, 3% water is available as fresh water. Fresh water further distributed to 1% rivers and 2% glaciers / ice. From 1 % River water, 90% water use in agriculture and10% in household activities and industries.

As per research, Pakistan has capability to conserve water of 30 days. This storage capacity may enhance if more dams construct.

As individual we waste bulk amount of water on daily basis on different household activities like washing clothes, brushing, washing hands, toilet usage, washing of terrace, motor bikes, plants. We waste gallons of water in doing all such work. If we use it with care we can remove this shortage of water. Our small ignorance can waste gallons of water (1 gallon has 3.78 liter of water).

In 22 crores general public, if 1-person waste 1-gallon water than about 83 crores 16 lacs liter water waste daily. Which itself a great value. The shortage of this 90% water is alarming because it is used for agriculture and it will destroy our economy.

According to experts, if we increase conservation of water than we will overcome and improve this water level.

As individual we deal it by its careful daily usage.

If we turned off excess water during brushing so water will not waste. If using soap on washing kitchen utensils, turn off excess water. Our little care can save so many gallons of water. If we take part in this great cause, it will not only save our present but also save our generations. As a responsible Pakistani, it’s our duty to spread this message to every student, every citizen that:

Save water secure the future! So use it carefully.

By Dr. Farah Amin

Lecturer | PhD (Analytical Chemistry)