Every smartphone has a default browser that opens pages when one clicks on links. Android devices with stock OS usually have Google Chrome as their default browsers but some brands like Samsung and Apple have different CHANGE default browser.Apple phones come with Safari set as their default browser whereas Samsung devices have pre-loaded Samsung Internet Browser

Though users can download android ,more browsers to use them for accessing the internet,CHANGE IPHONE’S the phone will keep opening the default browser every time we click on any external link received on social media or messaging apps like WhatsAppsIn case you are unable to locate the option, you can tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner to find it.You can see your phone’s current default browser along with another browser installed on your phone.Select the browser you wish to make the default the app.

Scroll down until you IPHONE’S see your preferred web browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera or any other).Tap on your selected CHANGE browser to open the app setting.Here you will find a button that will let you to switch over your default browser.